Environmental Management Policy

We will identify and implement appropriate responses to Environmental Management Acts, Regulations, Codes, Standards, and other legislated requirements such as AS/NZS ISO 14001. This will guide and inform our commitments to:

  • Minimise any adverse effect our organisation has on the environment
  • Prevent pollution
  • Encourage staff to contribute, cooperate and participate in our environmental management initiatives
  • Provide training and information to staff and customers to allow them to use our products, services and equipment with minimal environmental effect
  • Take practical and reasonable precautions to identify, assess and control risks to the environment
  • Provide and maintain procedures and work practices that are consistent with industry standards for good environmental management
  • Set, review and monitor our environmental objectives, targets and actions

To ensure the effectiveness of this Policy, and the entire Environmental Management System, staff are encouraged to report all environmental hazards and risks to management.

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