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Aspire Consortium

Aspire Consortium (PPP) South East Queensland Schools
ESD, Mechanical, Electrical, Lift and Hydraulic Consultants

Commencement Date: 2009
Completion Date: Stage 1 -2011 & Stage 2 -2013
Client: Broad Construction Services
Developer: Queensland Department of Education & Aspire Consortium
Architect: Gray Puksand Architects & Woodheads Architects – Primary Schools, and PDT Architects – Secondary School
Builder: Broad Construction Services
Capital Value: $188M
Building Owner: Queensland Department of Education

Floth Sustainable Building Consultants was engaged by Broad Construction Services to deliver ESD, Mechanical, Electrical, Lift and Hydraulic building services for seven school projects in Queensland.

The projects were delivered through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Queensland Department of Education and the Aspire Consortium, which has seen the development of six new primary schools and one new high school across South-East Queensland including:
Primary Schools

• Peregian Springs State School
• Thornlands South (Bayview) State School
• Woodlinks State Schools
• Augusta State School
• Coomera Rivers State School
• Collingwood Park State School

Secondary School
• Murrumba State Secondary College

Floth commenced the design phase of the projects with a focus to ensure the schools were environmentally sustainable, energy and cost efficient. A number of environmental targets were reached using extensive computer modelling throughout the design process, which enabled Floth to minimise the energy output of the projects and be cost efficient.

Floth achieved significant recognition when awarded four and five green stars (Australian Best Practice and Excellence ratings) for designs on three of the Queensland Schools. Woodlinks and Augusta State Schools were awarded four stars and Coomera Rivers State School awarded five stars under the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Green Star Education Version 1 rating tool.

By securing the five Star GBCA rating for Coomera Rivers State School, the school was awarded the status of ‘Australian Excellence’ in environmentally sustainable design and construction. The designs used on Coomera Rivers State School saw the total consumption of potable water by the school reduced by over 80 percent, greatly contributing to its five star rating.

Floth was able to use the recycled water supplied by Gold Coast Water to maximize the use of recycled water for both internal and external use. Floth’s contract with Broad Constructions stipulated the delivery of a four star rating on the school, but the Floth team saw an opportunity to raise the bar and achieve a five star rating for Coomera Rivers instead.

Floth have enjoyed major successes with these projects, with Peregian Springs and Thornlands South (Bayview) State School projects the first schools in Australia to be awarded four stars under the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Green Star Education Version 1 rating tool.

Collingwood Park State School and Murrumba State Secondary College were also awarded four stars under the GBCA, Green Star Education Version 1 rating tool.

The Aspire Consortium was led by Leighton Contractors and the Commonwealth Bank.


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