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Kings Square Stage 3, Perth

376 Wellington Street Perth Western Australia
Mechanical, Electrical, Fire & Hydraulics Consultants

Commencement Date: May 2013
Completion Date: June 2015
Client: Leighton Properties Pty Ltd
Developer: Leighton Properties Pty Ltd
Architect: Cox Rayner
Builder: Probuild
Capital Value: Circa $45 Million

Located in the $5.2billion Perth City Link precinct, King Square Stage 3 (KS3) is the third tower within the Kings Square Project. KS3 will provide nine levels, with more than 9,000sqm of commercial and retail space, all conveniently located within close proximity to Perth’s CBD. The project will also provide a child care facility, fully equipped gym, a restaurant tavern and full end-of-trip facilities for cyclists with 346 bike racks.

Floth was appointed as the mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulics consultants on KS3. Floth was tasked with designing sustainable initiatives to achieve the building’s 5 Star NABERS Energy rating.

In the initial design stage, KS3 was subject to a total redesign, changing the overall shape of the building and its facade and leading to an impact on air-conditioning loads. Floth was able to provide valuable input into the redesign stage, working closely with the architect and client to achieve improved facade performance to maximise the building’s energy efficiency.

As KS3 is smaller than the first two stages of the King Square project, cost effective green initiatives were limited. Floth proposed the installation of Solar PV panels on KS3’s roof to target the 5 Star NABERS rating. The Solar PV panels will generate 100kW of peak electrical power, which will be fed back into the building, reducing electrical grid consumption and reduce CO2 emission output by 117,600 kg CO2/m2/annum. Overall KS3 is estimated to save 140,000kWh of grid electrical consumption per year.

A priority for Floth was to design KS3 to target all Green Star points to substantially comply with a 5 Star Green Star Office V3 rating. To compliment the design strategy for low energy usage, Floth has also incorporated a high efficiency chilled water system and central plant Low Temperature VAV air distribution system, which will provide the necessary cooling capacity and air distribution to the commercial component of the building.

Hydraulic service designs saw Floth incorporate a rainwater collection system, with the collected water to be used to service the building’s toilets. The rainwater collection system will deliver a 24 percent reduction in KS3’s occupant amenity water use per year. Floth was also responsible for KS3’s fire service designs including sprinklers, evacuation alarm system and hydrant and hose reel systems.

Project Recognition

  • Achieved a 5 Star NABERS rating.


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