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Tattsgroup, Head Office Fit-Out

180 Brisbane Office Tower, Brisbane QLD
Mechanical, Electrical, Fire & Hydraulic Consultants

Commencement Date: February 2016
Completion Date: May 2017
Client: TattsGroup
Architect: Cox Rayner Architects
Project Manager: John Outhwaite & Associates
Building Owner: Daisho
Capital Value: $40 Million

180 Brisbane commercial office tower was completed in late 2015 and achieved a 6 Star Green Star Office Design Rating (v3).

Floth Sustainable Building Consultants provided the base building services design for the tower and were engaged as the mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulic consultants to provide design, documentation and construction phase services for TattsGroup fit-out of 10 Levels (18,000m2).

The office fit-out was very much technology based with over 5000 Data outlets providing communication services for VOIP, WiFi, AV Streaming and Corporate Networking. The revenue generated by TattsGroup is directly affected by the function of these services in their Head Office and critical UPS system was designed to ensure minimal downtime on any revenue generating equipment.

Critical areas such as the UPS room, Main communications Room and RADIO TAB broadcast equipment room were provided with Fire Suppression designs as well as duty/standby supplementary air conditioning.

Lighting system is comprised completely of LED light sources and control is over the lights is provided using DALI (digital addressable lighting interface), to provide maximum flexibility. Lighting control system provides daylight harvesting and dimming capabilities to each address luminaire.

Floth developed building services solutions to complement the Architects vision which included removing sections of ceiling and exposing services, new timber batten ceilings, new internal stairs and void spaces, coloured acoustic ceilings and meeting rooms and offices with frameless glazing and glass doors.


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