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Acoustical Society Conference

The ACOUSTICS 2016 Conference was held at the Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre at South Bank between Wednesday 9 and Friday 11 November 2016. Floth’s Principal Acoustic Engineer, Dr. Michael Hayne was the Conference Chair and also headed the volunteer team that organised the conference.

The Conference was jointly hosted by the Queensland Division of the Australian Acoustical Society and the Acoustical Society of New Zealand. With the theme of “Innovate for the Future” this international conference attracted delegates from Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world. The three short courses and two technical tours held on the Wednesday were a perfect introduction to the technical program that commenced on the Wednesday afternoon and ran until Friday afternoon, with the five concurrent topic streams in operation during the conference.

When asked about his involvement in the conference, Dr Hayne stated:

Being involved in the organisation of the conference allowed me an opportunity to use my Bachelor of Business (Marketing) degree. For example, the Trade Show prospectus was completely rewritten to introduce two new sponsorship levels and assign dollar values to the benefits provided by the different sponsorship levels. This proved to be a great success with the conference attracting a Diamond Sponsor, Platinum Sponsor, four Gold Sponsors, three Bronze Sponsors and barista sponsors for the Thursday and Friday. The Trade Show was very popular with the sponsors and exhibitors to the extent that we exceeded our expectations with regards to the number of Trade Shows booths at the conference.

On the technical side we were able to attract several world-class Plenary and Keynote speakers to the conference. All papers were peer reviewed which meant that every paper presented at the conference was of a high technical standard. In the end 127 papers were presented across a range of acoustic topics from building and architectural acoustics to underwater acoustics and aeroacoustics.

Being the conference chair I thought I should set an example and as such in amongst all of the organisational tasks I found time to write a paper title “A Comparison of Acoustic Criteria within Green Building Rating Tools, Scheme and Standards” with co-authors Loreta Brazukas and Anthony Marklund from Floth.

Throughout the conference and since the closing ceremony the organisational team has received a number of compliments from both exhibitors and delegates. It is nice to receive this recognition given that everyone on the organisational team was an unpaid volunteer.

Now that conference is over what is next for Floth’s Principal Acoustic Engineer?

The next time Queensland will host an Acoustical Society conference is 2022 so I will have two or three years to relax before the planning cycle starts again. In the meantime I still have Australian Acoustical Society commitments as I am currently the Queensland Division Chairperson and a Federal Councillor of the Society. These activities keep me busy but I think I will still be able to find the time to write one or two papers on acoustics to present at other conferences.


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