Sirius Building

Cumberland Street, The Rocks, New South Wales, Australia

CLIENT Sirius Developments Pty Ltd
DEVELOPER Sirius Developments Pty Ltd
CAPITAL VALUE $180 Million

The existing Sirius building is proposed to be substantially retained and restored with integrity. New residential additions are to be added to the existing structure in appropriate locations to maintain the legibility of the original architectural form, and new structures for commercial uses are proposed to be added at the Cumberland Street and Gloucester Walk frontages of the site.

The existing building has a varied height profile due to its modular form and due to the fall across the site when observed from Cumberland Street and from Gloucester Walk. The existing building rises from the north and south towards a central tower with a maximum height of 34.6m above ground level at Cumberland Street (equivalent to an 11-storey building). Due to the existing split-level apartments, the building is conveyed as having a greater number of levels (25 storeys).

The proposed alterations and additions to the existing building will increase the overall building height by 5.6m to a maximum building height of 40.2m above ground level at Cumberland Street. On the Cumberland Street entry side of the site, the building presents as thirteen (13) levels at the highest occupied level. When observed from Gloucester Walk, and due to the fall across the site, the building presents as fourteen (14) occupied levels.

The building incorporates two levels of basement car parking.

The proposed works include

  • Alterations and additions to the existing building to provide for a total of 77 apartments, commercial premises, including retail floorspace; and basement car parking.
  • Provision of a through-site link between Cumberland street and Gloucester walk.
  • Upgrades to Gloucester walk including landscaping and pedestrian access.
  • Improvements to Cumberland street including landscaping and improved carpark entry.