At Floth, saying “we care” has always been the foundation stone of our business. We pride ourselves on the consistency and quality of our service, and we genuinely care about the outcomes we achieve, including developing and strengthening our relationships with First Nations peoples.

After 37 years in operation, we recognise that we’re still striving to learn, innovate, and improve, for our clients, our employees, and especially for our First Nations Country.

In 2022, we are focused more than ever on our journey to reconciliation. Our vision — to communicate our commitment to reconciliation, to improve our education, understanding and respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and to actively promote and empower our employees to join us on this long overdue journey.

Our reconciliation journey started with a group of employees who were committed to Floth acknowledging it’s connection to Country, and who understood the importance of reconciliation in Australia, especially for those in the construction industry.

Floth, just like every other firm in the property and construction sector, has a deep connection to Country, and we believe this should be promoted, celebrated and respected, and become a guiding principle of our business. Our RAP will ensure we look for opportunities to strengthen the inclusion of our First Nations within our projects, business and relationships.

Our RAP is an essential part of our reconciliation journey, and I would like to thank Reconciliation Australia for their feedback and guidance during the creation of this much-needed document, as well as all the Floth employees joining us on this journey to reconciliation.

About the Artwork

Floth commissioned artist Alkina Edwards to create a unique art piece to support out first Reconciliation Action Plan. This artwork symbolises the commitment and connection Floth has with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the countries they reside on.

View the Plan

Download a copy of Floth’s Reconciliation Action Plan.