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Capturing reality with new Leica BLK360 point cloud scanner

Floth’s National BIM Manager Andrew Reynolds is taking Floth’s BIM journey to the next level, acquiring the new Leica Geosystems BLK360 point cloud scanner.

The BLK360 will further enhance Floth’s growing technological capabilities, allowing the efficient and accurate capture of as-built data from the built environment and easy integration into our digital workflow.

Not only cutting down on the time spent on site to acquire as-built data, the scanning technology and associated software (ClearEdge3D) will convert site services and structural elements into useable geometry and families within the Revit environment – giving unprecedented accuracy and coordination with the ability to capture point clouds, 3D photos and thermal images all in a single 3 minute HD scan, reducing costly time out on site.

The technology therefore represents a clear opportunity for Floth to further enhance our BIM capability and workflows by virtue of ‘augmenting’ reality within our 3D design software. Point cloud scanning also allows the real-time capability to upload scans taken on site straight to the cloud if necessary. This allows teams to have instant access to data through point cloud viewing software, regardless of where they are, including Recap and Navisworks. Engineers and designers alike will be able to more accurately and quickly understand building and structural constraints, plant spaces, RCP services, and potentially avoid inaccurate and time wasting site visits and redundant hand mark-ups.

3D modelling is now the norm in the AEC industry, and the acquisition of the BLK360 therefore represents a significant differentiator and technological leap forward in Floth’s BIM capability and offers us a highly competitive edge through the early adoption of relevant and up-coming technology.


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