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Mandarin Hotel

Mandarin Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
Mechanical, Electrical, Fire & Hydraulic Consultants

Commencement Date: 2006
Completion Date: 2009
Client: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Developer: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Building Owner: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
Capital Value: $55 Million

Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta is an existing 35 year-old, five star hotel situated in the heart of Jakarta. Floth was engaged as the Building Services Engineers to provide pre and post on-site performance verification, design and documentation services including construction reviews for the hotel’s refurbishment.

The US $55 million refurbishment of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel saw the complete replacement and upgrade of nearly all the building services infrastructure and systems. The reconfiguration of the hotel saw the number of guest rooms reduce from 400 to 272 spacious rooms and suites.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (MOHG) required the designs and features of the refurbishment to bring the hotel to a level of energy efficiency that would align with their sustainable core. Floth undertook detailed on-site performance verification studies of the existing system to determine the current energy demands of the hotel prior to refurbishment. This enabled the hotel to be benchmarked and also greatly assisted in determining the most cost effective system to install.

Floth successfully developed a Modified Primary Flow chilled water system. This marked the first installation of the Floth-developed technology on international shores. Floth carried out extensive on-site pre and post performance verification processes to show the 30 percent improvement in overall chilled water plant energy efficiency.

Electric heat pumps were also included in the hotel, which provided air-to-air heating exchangers to pre-condition the guest rooms, whilst also providing 100 percent of the hotel’s hot water needs.

Floth was successfully in exported Australian developed technologies to the Indonesian region and carried out extensive on-site pre and post performance verification processes to prove the forecasted energy efficiency gains.

Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta refurbishment was completed well ahead of the two-year deadline and within budget and was successfully re-opened in October 2009. Since the multi-million-dollar renovation the Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta has now revealed itself as the most luxurious hotel in Jakarta.


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